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Our Talented Instructors


April Morris


April is a highly skilled and knowledgeable firearms instructor with a commitment to share what she has

learned in her countless hours of training. She has trained at numerous facilities in Indiana, and also in

Nevada, Michigan, New Hampshire and Kentucky. She continues her own personal training to ensure

that she is up to date with the latest firearms safety and instruction techniques. She has a dedication and

passion to transfer that knowledge to students. April’s number one goal, when on the range, is firearm

safety… and having fun.

  • NRA Instructor Certified Pistol

  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

  • UTM/NRA Certification

  • Front Sight Firearms Institute Handgun Graduate

  • Front Sight Firearms Institute Rifle Graduate

  • 911 Defense Shooting Team member

  • Sig Sauer P320 Certified Armorer

  • American Heart Association First Aid/CPR/AED

  • American Heart Association Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine Auto-Injector

  • NRA Instructor, Sig Sauer Academy Semi-Automatic Pistol Instructor Certification.​

  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) Certification

Greg Gaich.jpg

Greg Gaich


Greg grew up in a rural community in Ohio, and he still has the Daisy 1894 lever action BB gun and Slavia 618 break action air rifle that he shot nearly half a century ago. He learned to shoot .22 rifles at camp and many of his friends had their own rifles and shotguns. His academic career kept him away from shooting for many years, but he rediscovered his interest in shooting for sport and defense several years ago. He is currently an NRA-certified instructor and range safety officer, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member with Indianapolis Homeland Security, and is certified in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC). He has training with semi-auto pistols, double-action revolvers, tactical shotguns, semi-auto rifles, M16 full- auto rifles, low-light tactical defense, vehicle defense, as well as individual and small team structure clearing. For fun he competes in International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) handgun, and he is training to compete in multi-gun (2- and 3-gun) competitions as well as expanding into other defensive pistol competition organizations.

Dee Shooting.jpg

Dee Bennett

Owner and Instructor

Dee Bennett Instructor Bio


I was only 21 when a man broke into my apartment.  About 2:00 am, I heard a noise outside my home, I saw a man trying to pry my windows open.  When he couldn’t get the window open, he broke through my front door.  Fortunately, I had a 22 rifle, and it was pointed at the door when he broke through.  Because I had a gun, he didn’t hurt me.  Because he left, I didn’t pull the trigger.


My father taught me many valuable lessons about firearms.  He taught me to think about more than just pulling the trigger.  If it hadn’t been for the education my father gave me, I could not have handled the situation at 21 as well as I did.  


I am now a certified NRA Instructor.  Basic Pistol, Personal Protection In The Home, Range Safety Officer and Refuse To Be A Victim. 

I am a certified Instructor by the Well Armed Woman

I am certified by the State of Utah as a Concealed Firearms Instructor

I am also certified by the state of Illinois as a Concealed Firearms Instructor


I continue to train, improve my shooting skills and educate myself as an instructor.

I enjoy working with others, introducing them to firearms, personal protection and making their best shots.  It would be my pleasure to work with you.

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