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Join Our shooting team!

911 Defense Shooting Team

Events will be held at;

Fox Prairie Gun Club

8945 E. 206 ST,

Noblesville IN.  46060


The shooting team is open to anyone that has previously had a shooting class with 911 Defense.

It is very important you get to the range at least once a month or more.  This gives you a great opportunity with other like-minded individuals to practice and develop your skills.

Membership fee of $35.00

All members of the team will receive a Membership Card & Shooting Team Certificate, as well as a 911 Defense Shooting Team T- Shirt. Members also receive discounts for range time at Fox Prairie Gun Club and discounts with “Hiding Hilda.”


We will meet through the year with fun and exciting events planned for you. 

Their is a limit of 12 attendees for practice and exercise drills.

Meetings may be on weekends or weekday evenings.

Each meet will be approx. 2-3 hours long.


The fee for attending each event will be $50.00.

This covers range time and expenses for the activities.

You will only pay for the meetings you attend.


We will cover various scenarios and personal safety. We will have action packed days, and cover a lot of information as we practice. 

You will perfect your skills and have a lot of fun doing it.


Developing habits for accurate shooting and proficiency

One handed shooting (with each hand)

Shooting while moving – how many threats are there? What is behind your target?

Alternate target shooting, steel targets

Drawing from your carry position and shooting

Shooting and emergency reloads

Cover vs. Concealment

Shooting around obstacles 

Good guy vs. Bad guy

The only person you compete against is yourself.

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